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Tiana Gurley is a Certified Birth, Family, and Womanhood Photographer serving clients in PG County, Southern MD, and Northern VA.



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Photo taken by Dionne, Mamatoto Village


How many pictures will we receive?

With birth photography, you'll receive a minimum of 100 high-resolution images barring any factors such as a medical emergency or a precipitous birth in which I wouldn't be able to capture as much of the birth. You'll receive 50 high-resolution images from your fresh 48, newborn, or breastfeeding sessions. I tend to overshoot, so you may receive a few additional images as a gift!

How should we dress?

This is totally up to you. I personally love seeing my clients being their true selves and in their raw forms. Birth is beautiful naturally and can get a little messy. How you look should be the least of your concern. The same goes for any shoots postpartum and breastfeeding! Your focus is healing and connecting with your new baby. If you're able to put together a special outfit and coordinate, do that. If you're in loungewear with a messy bun, do that!

What’s the best time to have a session with a newborn?

Whichever time of the day YOU feel the most at ease and in control. Newborns will need their diapers changed, cry, nurse, and more. That is an authentic newborn lifestyle shoot. Depending on how you feel, we can get a few poses with your family and newborn, otherwise, I will just capture the beautiful natural ways things unfold in your home. I do not shoot newborn photos with props, outfits, or setups. If you have other children who still have nap time, it's best we shoot well before or after their nap, and in order to get some great shots with the older sibling, they should be fed.

What if you miss my birth due to being sick, or you have an emergency?

At this time I do not have a backup photographer. If I were to, unfortunately, miss your birth, you are guaranteed a session of your choice between newborn lifestyle and motherhood/breastfeeding journey.

How does this all work?

You and I would meet on Zoom or talk on the phone to discuss your birth plan and vision for your photos. We will also discuss anything I need to know before entering your birth space, the proper time to call me, and how to keep me updated in the days and weeks before labor starts. Once labor starts, you will update me and we'll keep in contact until you tell me it’s time to come to you. After your birth, I stick around for 1-2 hours. This will allow enough time for postpartum, first latch/feeding, and sibling/family meeting the new baby photos.

What if my baby comes fast?

Communicate, communicate, communicate! It's important to contact me at the first signs of labor to help me to determine when I should come to your birth space.
If your baby happens to come very fast, I would still come to your place of birth or postpartum and take photos. Giving birth quickly is a major part of your story!

Do you offer video?

Yes! If you desire video footage of your session, let me know about upgrading your package to include a beautiful video for an additional $200.

Why should I book with you over using my family, friend, or another photographer?

I use one of the most sought-after professional cameras and lens equipment in photography. It was intentionally created to work in low-light situations which is common in birth. It also takes a lot of time and practice to take pictures in the sacred space of birth, in near-dark situations, or the intense hospital lighting. I am a certified birth photographer through the Birth Becomes You- Essence of Birth Photography course. I've been trained on how to specifically make a photo beautiful in terrible lighting conditions and how to maximize the beauty of your birth in great lighting. Additionally, there is a huge difference between the camera on your phone and a professional. In these precious moments, quality is the priority.